Hotel ile Saint Louis Paris

avril 22, 2008

Eat chocolat on Ile Saint Louis

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The island’s most impressive alchemy is on display at L’Epicerie (No. 51; 33-1-43-25-20-14). Like Frankensteins of food, the proprietors use their laboratory in Angers in western France to concoct artisanal condiments out of unusual and unexpected ingredients. Anyone overindulging in certain mustards (5.50 euros for a 420-gram jar, about 15 ounces) risks a D.U.I., thanks to additives like beer, white wine, whiskey and other spirits.

The jams, meanwhile, are forged from everything from strawberries and Champagne (7.90 euros for 420 grams) to green tomatoes (7.90 euros for 420 grams).

If those don’t satisfy your sweet tooth, look for the flowing Willy Wonka-worthy fountain of chocolate behind the window of Cacao et Chocolat (No. 63; 33-1-46-33-33-33).

Inside, snap up a small box of dark chocolate squares infused with coffee, Chinese jasmine tea or tequila with lemon (4.80 euros). They’re desserts and digestifs all in one.


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